Crimson Lotus Tea partners with Verne & Wells July 15 2014

I haven't always been in the tea business. Very early on I found an affinity with computers that led to a 20 year career in software engineering. Now I tell people I moved from IT to high tea. Even though I now do business in a trade thousands of years old I am still very much a geek/nerd at heart. The term 'nerd' can easily be defined with one word 'passion'. Nerds are passionate people; sometimes singularly so. You could call me a tea nerd and I wouldn't be upset. I am passionate about tea. I nerd out on the minutiae of puerh tea growing regions. I perfect my brewing techniques to give each cup the best possible experience. I obsess over the tools; tea pots, water boilers, tea tables, and cups.

Living and working in Seattle for the past 2 decades I have a lot of geek and nerd friends of all types. Despite the Hollywood stereotype a great many of us a quite social beings. I find that tea helps that. A few brews into some fine aged puerh and the caffeine and l-theanine start to flow straight to the brain. Lips loosen, and conversation flows. As social as modern geeks can be there are few places for us to gather that meet our unique needs. Most social gathering places in the modern world involve the consumption of alcohol. That's ok, but sometimes I like remembering the evening.

I was very excited to find out about a place that fits a niche that most people might not realize was there. Verne & Wells is a "Club for Geek Professionals". Verne & Wells is a members-only club for geek professionals in the style of the old 18th century gentlemen’s club. They, like I, recognize the many forms of geek and nerd. We have partnered with them, and I am proud to say that we, Crimson Lotus Tea, are their resident tea nerds.


We do private tea tastings for the Verne & Wells members the 3rd Tuesday of each month. Each month we curate a journey with stories and tea. We pull from our growing library of teas to present a unique experience. If you are in the Seattle area and are looking for something like Verne & Wells I would encourage you to check them out!