Our 2016 Spring Puerh Tea is Available for Sale July 02 2016

We've been working hard to get our Spring 2016 Puerh Tea ready for sale. As each are pressed, and wrapped we evaluate them to determine when we feel they are ready to drink. We add them to the store as soon as possible.

Our 2016 Collection:

    • "Hidden Song"

      • Our essence of Baiying Shan blend and our most popular tea of 2015. Available Now!
    • "Whispering Sunshine"

      • Single varietal, high altitude, Baiying Shan big tree puerh. Available Now!
    • "Jingmai LOVE"

      • Our affordable Jingmai blend. A fantastic tea for the price! If you love Jingmai, you'll love "Jingmai LOVE"! Available Now!
    • "Midas Touch"

      • Jingmai big tree material. Both gentle and strong with classic Jingmai honey aromas. Available Now!
    • "Slumbering Dragon"

      • This is a rare unblended, single origin, high altitude, wild tree puerh. The flavor is strong, pure, natural, and quite bitter, but with a transcendent chaqi. Available Now!
    • "Beneath an Emerald Sea"

      • A fantastic new blend for 2016 that is getting great feedback from those who have tried it already. Available Now!
  • "Cats and Dogs"; a Cooperative Sheng Puerh Tea with white2tea

    • A special blend designed to be paired with "Dogs" from white2tea. Available Now!