Our 2015 Jianshui clay teapot collection is available for sale! April 15 2015

We're excited to finally be able to show off what we've been working on. When we came to China two months ago we went to Jianshui the first week we were here. Jianshui is a town about 4 hours drive from Kunming. They make incredible pottery by hand using clay sourced in the mountains outside the town. Read about our visit there in 2014. Our goal was to find a local artist who could create custom pottery to fit our desires.

We like Jianshui pottery and brew with them nearly every day. The clay used in these teapots comes from the same mountains that grow puerh tea trees. We appreciate that connection. Jianshui clay is a true clay and there is no sand content. Because of this the exterior can be polished to a high shine. The local artists also pride themselves on their skill with inlaying clay.

This is an example of Jianshui inlaid clay artistry. Each color is individually blended and inlaid by hand before firing.
This has not been painted or glazed.

As awesome as Jianshui teapots are to brew with, they can often be pricy because of the extra time and work put into their inlaid clay designs and polishing them to a high shine. The extra work takes many hours and adds to the cost. We believe the quality of the clay speaks for itself and had these custom teapots made to exhibit Jianshui clay at an affordable price. 

The teapots in our collection are special. You won't find them like this anywhere else. Not for this price, and not with this quality. This is a limited edition collection we commissioned in Jianshui this year to our exact specifications. These are simple, efficient teapots made to be tea brewing workhorses. They are smaller in size and feature sleek matte textures or light polishing. They have not been highly polished and do not feature any inlaid clay patterns. They are meant to brew tea, and brew tea for many years. The matte ones, like Yixing teapots, will create their own unique patina over time with use.

The artists that we work with are master potters and have a combined experience of over 30 years working clay. Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each teapot. Each teapot was hand tested by us before sale. The lids fit tightly, they seal well, and they pour fast and easy. They are ready to go!

Browse our full collection here: Jianshui 2015 Collection

Each teapot ships with a wooden storage box and a silk bag.

Each teapot has the artist mark as well as our own. 红莲 is 'Crimson Lotus'.


All images © Crimson Lotus Tea 2015