Times are tough and we want to help! April 21 2020

Please read about our updated shipping rates from China!

This is a tough time! We get it. We understand and we empathize. Things are tough for everyone. The world is full of uncertainty and that leads to stress and fear. We've found a lot of solace in a relaxing tea session and know there is a quiet power in tea. If you need tea and can't afford it we want to help. We've always strived to price our teas fairly but quality does come at a cost.

We know it might be hard for some to afford our teas right now and we want to help. If you need good tea in your life but are having a hard time please feel free to use one of these discount codes at checkout on us. We're offering 10, 15, or 20 percent off tea. There is no time limit on these discount codes. Use what you feel you need to. Enjoy the tea and let's all hope for a bright outcome to these uncertain times.

 - Use code "CLTLOVE20" for 20% off all tea
 - Use code "CLTLOVE15" for 15% off all tea
 - Use code "CLTLOVE10" for 10% off all tea

Shipping Updates

There was a window where it seemed like orders were coming out of China quickly and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That time has passed and we are again seeing long delays. Some packages coming out of China are taking as long as a month to arrive. The packages do all eventually arrive but the delays are real.

To help out we have made nearly everything we can sell from our Seattle inventory available on our site. There are teas here we can't ship from China anymore! We package orders quickly but have only been going out a couple times a week to the post office to drop them off. 

 - https://crimsonlotustea.com/collections/seattle-inventory