Jianshui 2016 Collection

These are true tea lovers teapot. This is a special, limited edition, collection we commissioned in Jianshui this year to our exact specifications. Jianshui teapots are amazing to brew with, but they can often be pricy because of the extra time and work put into their inlaid clay designs and polishing them to a high shine. The extra work takes many hours and adds to the cost. We believe the quality of the clay speaks for itself and had these custom teapots made to exhibit Jianshui clay at an affordable price. These are simple, efficient teapots made to be tea brewing workhorses. They are small in size and feature sleek matte textures or light polishing. The matte ones, like Yixing teapots, will create their own unique patina over time with use. 

These are each handmade by potters in Jianshui. They are single fired and unglazed. This is a true clay which lacks any sand. The natural minerals in the clay will enhance the flavor of your tea. Jianshui is in Yunnan, and the clay used in these teapots comes from the same mountains that grow puerh tea trees. We appreciate that connection. We blogged about this unique town here.

Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each. Some of these are fully matte black and some have speckled shades of red. Shifting smoke during the kiln firing creates these unique patterns. These ship with a wooden storage box and an embroidered bag. Each teapot was hand tested by us before sale. The lids fit and they seal well. They pour fast and easy. They are ready to go!

We have a limited number of these to sell. They are in a few different sizes depending on your needs. They range from 50ml to 120ml. Volume measurements are rounded to the nearest tenth number. Each may hold a few ml more or less. 

These are tiny teapots that will easily sit in a single hand. They measure on average 10cm from tip of spout to end of handle and are around 5-6cm tall.

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