2019 Spring Lao Man'E Gushu Bitter/Sweet Single Session Experience Tasting Set - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea

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Lao Man'E needs no introduction. This unassuming and relatively small village in Southern Yunnan packs a tea with more punch than most other villages combined. The experience hiding in these simple leaves is near legendary. Now this tea is definitely not for everyone. Lao Man'E is bitter and there's no getting around that.

Fun Fact: Lao Ma'E has 2 types of trees. They have sweet trees and bitter trees. That is what this tasting set is all about. ( hint: they're both bitter, but the bitterness in the sweet variety melts into a throat sweetness. )

It is highly educational to be able to taste them side by side. That was our hope with this educational tasting set. This is really high quality, old tree, material. It was processed well and it wasn't cheap. We have a few different options for everyone.

We're offering tasting sets that include 1 8g of bitter Lao Man'E and 8g of sweet Lao Man'E. You can buy 2x tasting sets for a discount. If you are a practiced Lao Man'E pro you can grab 50g of either bitter or sweet, or grab both; why not?

We do have something special coming up. We have taken these two materials and created a custom blend. We will be pressing that material into 200g cakes for sale. Be sure to set a few pennies aside for that because it's a great tea!

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you use a smaller tea brewing vessel. In the pictures is exactly 8g of leaf. These are large, full leaves, with big hairy buds. These are really gorgeous leaves and even the dry aroma is thick and heavy. 

You can take a leaf material like this and use 1/4 what you would normally use in a gongfu session and they will give a full experience. Or you can go full gongfu and really experience these teas. They are both full bodied, thickly aromatic, and yes definitely bitter. Inside that bitterness is a truly beautiful and layered tea experience awaiting exploration.

Check out the tea garden that this tea came from:

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