2005 Changtai "Yun Pu Zhi Dian / Top of the Clouds" Sheng / Raw Bing Cake (250g) :: FREE SHIPPING

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This tea was featured in the Serious Eats article Where to Buy Amazing Tea Online. Sample sizes are available.

This is a very special puerh prepared by the Yunnan Changtai Tea Industry Group. The blenders who work for Changtai are true masters of their craft. The leaves in this puerh are a blend of 15 mountains, Spring picked in 2005. The name for this cake “Yun Pu Zhi Dian” means “Top of the Clouds”. Since Yunnan means “Southern Clouds” this name has a double meaning. It refers to the heavenly experience and also that this puerh contains the best from Yunnan.

This is the one that I mentioned in our blog post from Lijiang. This is the first sheng puerh that really opened my eyes. That vendor was selling these cakes for $400USD/cake! We found a better deal with Changtai themselves. We bought as much as we could this Spring, but sold out of most of it quickly. We tried for a while to get more at a good price, but this tea has been going up in price every month since. We finally got our hands on some more to sell. 

This puerh was aged since 2005 in Guangzhou, China. This hot, humid city was perfect for aging this puerh. This tea will brew smooth and mellow with intoxicating aromas and flavors. Apricot notes are often present.

Use 5-7 grams of leaves and brew with 6-8 ounces of water at or near boiling. Wash once for 3s, then start with a quick steep of 6-10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.


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