"The Nomad" Rustic Clay Gaiwan 100ml

$ 39.99

This gaiwan is a survivor. Just look at it. It's taken a trip through the post apocalyptic wasteland and came back to tell about it. We love the story-tellling aspect of tea and this gaiwan speaks for itself. It has a thousand stories to tell all you need to do is listen. It has lived through the worst of it and came out better for it. 

The tactile feel of this gaiwan is incredible. It's small in stature and easy to hold. It is thick and holds the heat in well. The wide mouth means it keeps your fingers cool when pouring. All folded up in a tea towel with a travel bag and this is a very portable option.

Wrap this gaiwan up and take it with you. It will be a welcome companion on your tea journey.

The gaiwan that you receive is going to be very similar to the one pictured. Each is unique and has individual coloring and texture but will be very similar to the one pictured. These are handmade and may contain small flaws and imperfections that we feel add to the story these have to tell.

Each gaiwan measures 10cm across and is 7cm tall. The volume is 100ml. For most puerh teas we would recommend using ~6.7g of leaf to keep the 1g/15ml brewing ratio.


Tea Towel and Travel Bag

This option is not available at this time!

We are offering embroidered bags and a tea towel for $10 more. You can wrap the gaiwan saucer, bowl, and lid in the tea towel and carry it in the bag. This is how we carry these around for tea tastings and it makes for a real efficient travel setup. You can see in the pictures how to wrap it up.

Place the gaiwan saucer on the tea towel.

Fold the towel over the saucer and place the gaiwan bowl.

Fold the towel over the gaiwan bowl and add the inverted lid.

Fold the remaining towel over the top.

Set the gaiwan and towel in the bag and wrap up the sides

Now you are ready to go! This works great for travel.


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