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These cups really caught our eye. They came through the wood firing with gorgeous coloring. The clay was specially sourced in Chengdu from a reserve no longer available. The clay held up to the wood firing quite well. The cups are thin and delicate with a perfect little lip for your lip.

This is a unique offering. You will get the cup that is pictured. There is only one like it. When it is sold it is gone!

Huaning ( 华宁 ) is a town in Yunnan province with a long history of ceramics. The locals harvest clay from the nearby hills. We appreciate the connection this teaware has with Yunnan and puerh tea. Puerh is a product of the soil and hands of Yunnan, and so is this teaware.

Wood firing takes 6 days and creates unique patterns. These cups are unglazed. The smoke and inconsistent heat create unique colors and patterns. Additionally the smoke carries pitch from the wood that can settle on the teaware and create a unique pitch glaze. 

This cup holds around 60ml and measures 7.5cm Wide x 4cm Tall.

Check out this video from Huaning. 

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