2008 Menghai V93 Shou Cooked Ripe Puerh Tuo Cha (100g)

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This is a very interesting puerh. Most puerh sold in this tuo cha form factor is strictly lower quality. Menghai made great progress to change that industry trend when they released this in 1995. They immediately gained a lot of attention and won awards at tea tastings. This has continued to be a very popular puerh in this tuo cha form factor ever since.

This puerh gives a very simple clean reliable flavor with a nutty aroma with hints of banana and dried fruit. There is a full and smooth mouthfeel that is both thick and comforting. It's easy to drink this tea.  

You can read my full tasting notes here: http://crimsonlotustea.com/blogs/tea-tasting/11248833-2008-menghai-v93-shou-puerh-tasting-notes and my updated tasting notes here: http://crimsonlotustea.com/blogs/tea-tasting/11659429-2008-menghai-v93-take-2

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