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We are excited to offer these custom gongfu teapots handmade by Seattle potter Mark Mohler. We have been following his work for a while now and are impressed with his quality and dedication to tea art. These teapots were made to our specifications and feature our favorite colors: crimson and black!

These teapots are made to perform and will do that well. Each features a large easy pour spout and multi hole clay strainer. [ Fun Fact: Mark creates a different and unique strainer hole patterns for each teapot he makes. ] These teapots pour fast and easy. The lid has an airhole in the side of the knob. The touch of crimson on the lid and body allows you to align the air hole to the rear each time.

Each is made from "Blush", a custom blend of two North American clays "Hawthorn Bond", and "Red Art". They were high fired to Cone 6. The clay has a rough texture to it that feels great in the hand. The insides are unglazed. Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each.

We have a limited number of these to sell. They are in a few different sizes depending on your needs. They hold either 70, 80, 90, or 100ml of water. Volume measurements are rounded to the nearest tenth number. Each may hold a few ml more or less. There are only 1x 70ml, and 1x 100ml teapot, the rest are 80 or 90ml.

These are tiny teapots that will easily sit in a single hand. They measure on average 10cm ( 3.93" ) from tip of spout to end of handle and are around 6cm ( 2.36" ) tall.


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