Deluxe Gongfu Tea Wedding Set

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This tea set is a perfect gift for the tea loving couple in your life. Brewing tea gongfu style is a pleasant ritual that is a pleasing, peaceful way to prepare delicious tea.

We have created this set with couples in mind. We discuss our motivations for creating this set in our blog "What does puerh tea have to do with marriage?". The answer to that question is that treated with love both can improve with time. We have included two teas with this set. Both are from Xiaguan, a puerh tea company with more than 100 years of history. The first puerh is a Xiaguan T8663 shou puerh that is intended for daily drinking. The second puerh is a Xiaguan T8653 sheng puerh which can be aged for a very long time.

This is our simple wish: A long, happy marriage filled with delicious tea! The Xiaguan T8653 sheng puerh comes in a 357g cake. Xiaguan calls this an ‘iron cake’. The loose tea leaves have been tightly compressed into the cake allowing them a chance to age well. Once a year on their anniversary the married couple can take 5grams of this tea and brew it together. They can reflect on the past year of their life together and compare the flavor of this tea with their past memories. With a 357g cake this is a tradition that can last more than 70 years. We wish for many happy marriages with the longevity of puerh.

This Deluxe Gongfu Tea Wedding Set has everything needed to spend your life together drinking amazing tea. This is a list of all the high quality pieces included in this set.

  • Porcelain Tea Service

    • 6 cups: 2 cups are 38ml and 4 cups are 30ml

    • gaiwan (130ml)

    • fairness cup (180ml)

    • filter

  • Bamboo Gongfu Tea Table

    • This gongfu tea table features the Chinese symbol for longevity. It utilizes a removable water drainage tray that includes an optional drainage hose.

  • Yixing Clay Teapot

    • We want each set to be unique. We have a large assortment of individual Yixing clay teapots that are unique. The teapot pictured is just one example. You can email us before or after ( you order to choose from the teapots that we have available.

  • Tea Pet

  • Tea Knife

  • Tea Tools

  • Inspection Tray

  • Tea Towel

  • Xiaguan T8653 Sheng Puerh (357g compressed cake)

  • Xiaguan T8663 Shou Puerh (357g compressed cake)

This gongfu tea set comes with your option of two different styles.

Lotus Style Blue Peonies Style

This gongfu tea table features a removable water drainage tray that includes an optional drainage hose.


The inner symbol represents the Chinese character for 'longevity'.


Each set of tea tools is unique and made from a dense Chinese hardwood. The front features a carving of chrysanthemum flowers and on the back a Tang Dynasty Chinese poem by Yuan Zhen.

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