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A full bodied black tea that opens with flavors of dried fruits and finishes with barrel aged rum. There is a sweet lingering aftertaste with a bit of smokiness.

The aroma is full of deep sweetness with a hint of cedar.

After a long time shipping these bricks are a recent addition to our Seattle inventory and will likely need some more time to acclimate after they arrive. When you get them let them rest for a couple weeks before drinking.

Our passion is puerh tea but we can't ignore the amazing black tea offerings that come from Yunnan. We've helped several companies source and blend custom black tea offerings. This is part of what we did for the Russian tea company Soyuz Chai. They have recently fell on hard times and we offered to buy out their inventory and are happy to continue selling it on our site.

Dian hong ( 滇红 ) is a special black tea that comes from Yunnan's large leaf varietal camellia sinensis assamica. The connection to puerh tea is undeniable. This tea was made from the exact same trees that get processed as puerh. This blend contains old tree material.

These bricks are pressed into a chocolate bar shape. Each weighs 150g and has 20 pieces that snap off easily which are just about 8g each. You can brew this tea gongfu style, grandpa style, or even boil it on the stove. Our favorite method is boiling a chunk on the stove for more than 10 minutes, straining off the leaves, then adding honey and milk for an incredible Hong Kong style milk tea that is very addictive.

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