Gongfu Tea Steep Counter - Nyatoh

$ 25.00

When brewing a generous tea like puerh it is not uncommon to have a single session with the tea that can last more than 10 or 20 times. Each steep is like a chapter in a novel that tells the full story of the tea. We created these bead counters for use in tracking your tea brewing sessions. Each steep you slide a bead up or down the string. These can count to 29 steepings. 

These are handmade by us using Chinese beads we've sourced during our travels. This design features nyatoh wooden beads on a black string. The dividing bead is a faux amber bead with brass and red coral accents. The end bead is made from brass, turquoise, and red coral. The symbol in the dividing bead is ཨོཾ, the Tibetan character for Om.

 There are 9 beads representing the numbers 1 - 9. The 2 beads on the other side of the dividing bead represent 10's. To count you slide a bead down for each steeping. When you get to 10 you slide up each of the 9 beads and then move up the first 10's bead.

Additionally you can thread the end bead through the loop and wear it as a bracelet.

These beads represent 12 steeps. 1x 10's bead and 2x 1's beads.


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