Gongfu2go Double Wall Glass Portable Tea Brewer - DISCONTINUED

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It is with some sadness that we have decided to discontinue selling this product. As awesome as they are we have been getting complaints from a few customers that they are unreliable and potentially hazardous when used improperly. If the seal is not perfect they can spray boiling water or the top can pop off. This is not a situation we want our customers to be in. These are made by a company in China called Boenshi and we have no control over the quality. The majority of our customers have had no problems at all. We use them every day and love them, but feel their potential is too risky for us to continue selling them in good conscience.

If you have one already and are using it successfully please continue to enjoy using it. If you have problems wth yours please email us and let us know! crimsonlotustea@gmail.com


This is a very convenient portable tea brewer. It allows you to keep the leaf and water separate. You brew by flipping the entire brewer upside down. You brew to the desired strength then flip it over again. It's quite simple, and very effective. This is the closest thing to brewing gongfu style on the go that you will find. These are compatible with any kind of tea. They will brew gongfu style or grandpa style.

Brewing grandpa style and using the top glass as a cup.

We have two sizes for sale. The small size will comfortably hold around 140ml and the large is around 180ml. The top and bottom are constructed of borosilicate glass. The bottom is double walled and air insulated. They come in grey or black. The larger size is 9 inches tall and the smaller size is just under 8 inches.

We take these everywhere we go. With a thermos of hot water they are very convenient for road trips or any kind of travel. They would be perfect in the office! 

Everything you need INCLUDING TEA!!

Each gongfu2go brewer comes with a reusable tea tin with 25grams of 2013 Xiaguan T8663 Shou Puerh. That will last about a week. Then you can re-use the tin and take your tea with you.