Handmade Solid Silver Gongfu Fairness Cup / Cha Hai 230ml

$ 325.00

This is a solid silver fairness cup or 'cha hai' made from fine silver by silversmiths in Yunnan. Fine silver, also called pure silver is 99.9% silver. It is entirely handmade. Yunnan has a long history mining and working silver in the mountains that make up the foothills of the Himalayas.

Silver heats up very quickly, and also transfer that heat efficiently; it's an excellent thermal conductor. The handle is cord wrapped to protect from the heat.

This cha hai weighs around 168g. It is approximately 140ml in volume. It is 13cm ( 5.11” ) long, by 9cm ( 3.54” ) wide, and 8cm ( 3.14” ) tall. This cha hai has a fantastic pour that is quick and precise.

This cha hai comes with a custom storage box and bag.

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