Imperfect Turquoise Huaning Gaiwan - 120 or 150ml :: FREE SHIPPING

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When we have a large order of teaware custom made there are bound to be some inconsistencies with hand made products. These are the gaiwans that didn't quite make the mark. They are still amazing tea brewers but have some small cosmetoc flaws. The issue most often is with small bubbles in the glaze. A couple have some spots where the glaze got stuck to the surface of the kiln. I have included pics of some of the imperfections.

These gaiwans just need a little TLC and a good home. We have made them available at a discounted price!

We have just 3 of each available and they will be gone after that. 


Tea Towel and Travel Bag

We are offering embroidered bags and a tea towel for $10 more. You can wrap the gaiwan saucer, bowl, and lid in the tea towel and carry it in the bag. This is how we carry these around for tea tastings and it makes for a real efficient travel setup. You can see in the pictures how to wrap it up.

Place the gaiwan saucer on the tea towel.

Fold the towel over the saucer and place the gaiwan bowl.

Fold the towel over the gaiwan bowl and add the inverted lid.

Fold the remaining towel over the top.

Set the gaiwan and towel in the bag and wrap up the sides

Now you are ready to go! This works great for travel.


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