Jianzhan Teacup Douli 'Youdi Yaobian' 50ml #1 :: FREE SHIPPING

$ 79.00

Jianzhan is the original custom teaware. With a history nearly a thousand years old this gorgeous glazed clay teaware from Fujian was designed exclusively for drinking tea. The iron rich glaze creates unique patterns. No two are ever the same. The long history of this teaware is truly fascinating.

There is a magic that happens with tea in these cups. The iron content works to soften the water and enhance the experience. Some people claim these cups cheat; the difference can be that noticeable. When we're analyzing teas for purchase we can't use these cups. They make everything taste better. 

Jianzhan tea cups are in general thicker and heavier than other clay cups. These are no exception. These cups are dense and feel great in the hand. They are high fired and made from natural glazes. They will be an amazing addition to your tea ware collection!

This tea cup holds 50ml and measure 9.5cm Wide ( 3.8" ) x 4cm Tall ( 1.6” ). 'Douli' ( 斗笠 ), means 'farmers hat' and refers to the shape of the cup. The glaze used in these cups was blended by hand. The pattern is called 'Youdi' ( 油滴盏 ), this means oil drop. Yaobian ( 窑变 ) refers to the special colors from the kiln firing. This cup is unique. You will get the one pictured.

This tea cup comes with a carrying bag.


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