Jianshui Zi Tao Brown Cha Zen Teapot 260ml

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This teapot was handmade in Jianshui, Yunnan, China. We visited Wan Yao village where these teapots are made. We wrote about the experience in our travel blog. Jianshui teapots are made from 5 uniquely colored clays sourced in the mountains outside Jianshui. They are single fired and never glazed. This is a true clay and lacks any sand which allows them to be hand polished to give a shiny appearance. The natural minerals in the clay will enhance the flavor of your tea.

This tiny teapot holds 260ml of water and is 9.5cm tall. There are 9 holes for the strainer. This teapot was made this Summer at the Tang Meng Workshop in Jianshui.

Front: "Cha Yi" / "Tea Art", "Yun" / "Emotion or Feeling", "San Jiang Shui" / "Three Rivers Water", "" / ""; Back: 'Cha Chan' : "Tea Zen" 

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