Limited Edition Puerh Starter Set with Puerh Tea

$ 100.00

Sold Out

SOLD OUT! If you got your hands on one of these thank you so much for supporting us and enjoy! 
( We have new versions of these for sale now - Only $99 with free shipping!)
If you have desired to start in the wonderful world of gongfu style brewing of puerh tea then this is exactly what you've been looking for. We have everything you need in this one simple package. Gongfu style brewing is a fantastic way to enjoy tea. It is also known as the gongfu tea ceremony, or just gongfucha (工夫茶) in Chinese. The term literally means "Making tea with effort". Brewing tea this way gives you a great amount of control over all aspects of the process. A fine tea like puerh deserves the attention to detail that a setup like this can allow. 
This starter set includes everything you need to brew puerh or any other type of fine loose leaf tea.  Not only do you get all the necessary items to brew gongfu style you also get a delicious brick of puerh tea!
  • Tea table with drainage hose
  • Yixing clay tea pot
  • Glass pitcher (fairness cup)
  • Tea inspection tray
  • Tea tool holder with puerh knife
  • Tea cup travel set with 4 tasting cups
  • Gaiwan
  • Tea strainer
  • Tea towel
  • 2010 Menghai 7562 Shou Puerh (250grams)
If you have enjoyed a tea tasting with us and wanted to enjoy the same at your home this is all you need. If you've been wanting to follow us on our puerh journey but didn't have a vehicle, this is your vehicle. This really is an excellent deal. We wanted to give something back to everyone who has been helping us get started with out business and allow you an affordable way to get started in puerh yourself. We only have 15 of these sets to sell. We will offer puerh starter sets in the future, but we won't be able to at this price. To make these more special I have wood burned our logo on the bottom of the tea table by hand. Each tea table is also sequentially numbered. These tables are going fast. Be sure to get one while you can!
Enjoy the journey of puerh!

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