Puerh Seed Washing Powder 100% All Natural

$ 15.00

This is a very unique product that one of our tea vendors has started producing this past year. This is a washing powder made with nothing more than finely ground puerh tea seeds. How cool is that? The powder contains naturally occurring tea tree saponins.

This tea seed based washing powder cleans quite well. It's really easy to clean without leaving residue. It is fully biodegradable. It is not harmful to the skin. You can actually use it as a hand wash. This is a healthy, natural, environmentally friendly cleaning product.

We use this primarily to clean our porcelain tea wares. They get stained from tea so easily. With this tea seed powder, some water, a clean rag, and a little elbow grease the stains wash out easily. That's impressive to use because regular soap and water won't do that.

There are two methods to use:

1. To clean dish-ware put 5g of dry powder in half a liter of warm water (113°F / 45°C). Stir to dissolve the powder. Then take a clean rag or scrubbing pad dipped in the solution to clean the dish-ware.

2. The powder can be applied dry to dirty appliance surfaces. While the powder is dry work it over the surface with a very slightly damp cloth. The puerh seed powder acts as a mild abrasive. Buff the surface clean. Then use a clean wet rag to clean the powder from the surface.

You should keep the Puerh Seed Washing Powder dry. Seal the bag when not in use and store in a cool, dry place. The photos show the seeds that are used in this product and the trees where they came from in Yunnan.

This product is NOT for consumption. DO NOT EAT this product or attempt to make tea with it.

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