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This is a solid silver teapot made from fine silver by silversmiths in China. Fine silver, also called pure silver is 99.9% silver. This teapot was cast in a mold and then finished by hand.

Brewing tea in silver is a unique experience. Silver heats up very quickly, and also transfer that heat efficiently; it's an excellent thermal conductor. The handle is cord wrapped to protect from the heat.

Oolong Owl did a fantastic and comprehensive review of our teapots. Check that our here:

This teapot weighs around 215g. It is approximately 130ml in volume. ( Volume measurements are rounded to the nearest tenth. This may hold a few ml more or less. ) It is 12cm ( 5.8” ) long, by 7.5cm ( 3” ) wide, and 7cm ( 2.8” ) tall. The lid fits well and the teapot pours free and easy. This teapot comes with a custom bag and hard cover box.

The side is adorned with red jade and the top knob is amber.

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