Spring 2015 Bai Ying Shan "Whispering Sunshine" Sheng / Raw Puerh from Crimson Lotus Tea

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Bai Ying Shan, or White Warbler Mountain, is a remote high altitude tea growing region in Lincang Prefecture. This mountain has more than 10 unique varietals of camellia sinensis. The material in this tea is composed entirely from one ancient tree varietal called 'dabaiyakou' which means 'big white buds' . The picking and processing of this tea is 100% done by hand.

We chose to call this puerh "Whispering Sunshine". The tea gardens in Bai Ying Shan are the highest elevation that we source tea from. Grown above 2200m (7200 feet or 1.3 miles) we imagined these tea trees were close enough to hear the gentle voice of the Sun. The Sun plays a critical role through the entire lifespan of puerh tea from growing the trees to drying the leaf. Puerh is defined by the sun drying stage. If it isn't sun dried, it isn't puerh. This puerh has been direct sun dried for 2 days.

This puerh is similar in profile to "Hidden Song" with more body. It is sweet and vegetal with a note of lemongrass and a hint of tobacco. The aroma is more floral and the energy is strong. The bitterness and astringency are just enough to keep you interested. Listen close and hear the Sun whispering to you through this tea. There is a lot to tell.

  • Prefecture: Lincang
  • Elevation: 2200m
  • Wood Fired
  • Hand Rolled
  • Direct Sun Dried

Each tong is bamboo wrapped by hand and contains five 200g cakes.There is a 5% discount for purchasing a tong.

Brewing Instructions

Add 6-8 ounces of boiling water to 5-8 grams of leaf. Rinse once for 3 seconds. Steep quickly for 6 seconds. This tea is generous and can be resteeped many times. Add 10-15 seconds each re-steep.

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