Tiny Frog / Toad Tea Pet

$ 4.99

This 3 legged frog/toad is a common character in Chinese culture. In Chinese mythology Liu Hai was a kungfu master who wandered China killing monsters and helping the poor people. One day there was a golden frog monster who was terrorizing the citizens. His name was Jin Chan, which means 'Golden Toad'. Liu Hai and Jin Chan fought and in the battle Jin Chan lost his leg. After his defeat Jin Chan felt guilty for all the pain and damage he caused and wanted to help people instead. Jin Chan is often seen with a coin in his mouth. He has a special ability to find money. Chinese people believe that Jin Chan will help them be prosperous.

These tea pets are tiny! They can sit on your fingertip. They are an excellent travel teapet. They measures just 0.4" tall, 0.7" wide, and .7" long.

Tea pets have a long history in China. We talk about tea pets and their role in Chinese culture on our blog here: Tea pets are the perfect companions on your tea journey!

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