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Huaning teaware has gotten a lot more popular the last few years. Huaning ( 华宁 ) is a town in Yunnan province with a long history of ceramics. The locals harvest clay from the nearby hills. They source available minerals and hand blend their own glazes. Intense blues and greens are a common theme. These provide a beautiful contrast to both their white clay and the deep red of their iron rich clay.

We appreciate the connection this teaware has with Yunnan and puerh tea. Puerh is a product of the soil and hands of Yunnan, and so is this teaware.

We had these gaiwans custom made to the shape and size that we find works the best. These gaiwan are thick clay and hold the heat in when steeping. Despite that heat the shape makes them very easy to hold and they won't burn your fingers.

We have 2 sizes available. The larger gaiwan is the same size as our celadon gaiwan and holds 150ml; give or take. The glaze will crackle like celadon with use. The smaller one is 120ml and measures. The bowl of the 150ml one measures 11cm wide and 6cm tall. The 120ml gaiwan is a little bit smaller.

150ml on the left and 120ml on the right. The 120ml one is just a little bit tinier and easier for smaller hands.


We have separated the two sizes into two available finishes. A handful turned out really nice after kiln firing with extra drippy glaze spots on the bottom. We will be selling these for a little bit more. Both will brew tea just fine. The ones with the drippy bits have on average 2-3 drips and maybe more.


Extra drippy glaze!



Tea Towel and Travel Bag

We are offering embroidered bags and a tea towel for $10 more. You can wrap the gaiwan saucer, bowl, and lid in the tea towel and carry it in the bag. This is how we carry these around for tea tastings and it makes for a real efficient travel setup. You can see in the pictures how to wrap it up.

Place the gaiwan saucer on the tea towel.

Fold the towel over the saucer and place the gaiwan bowl.

Fold the towel over the gaiwan bowl and add the inverted lid.

Fold the remaining towel over the top.

Set the gaiwan and towel in the bag and wrap up the sides

Now you are ready to go! This works great for travel.

These match the cups we already have on our site perfectly. Grab a couple coups for a matched set. Those cups are available here.

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