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"A world of flavor in the palm of your hand!"

Don't let their small size fool you. These tiny spheres of puerh are made from 300yo Gushu/Ancient Tree material from Jingmai. They were picked and processed in Spring of 2014. They have been aged loose as maocha in Jingmai until now. They are fantastic. The aroma is thick with honey. The flavor is smooth and floral with just enough bitterness and astringency to keep your palate interested. 

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Each of these hand made 'planets' weigh 8 grams. They are hand wrapped and ready to brew. These work great with any style of brewing. You can toss one in a gaiwan or clay teapot. They work great grandpa style, or in an on the go thermos. They are tightly compressed so we give them a nice long initial wash to help them open up. The first steep is longer than normal until the leaves open up.

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Planet Jingmai 2!

We only have a limited amount of the original Planet Jingmai available. Planet Jingmai 2 is ready to take its place. Buy either, or buy both! These will ship from China with free shipping.

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Gaiwan Brewing Instructions

This is what we've found that works out the best for brewing these in a gaiwan. These are heavily compressed and difficult/dangerous to open with a puerh knife. Also you will break more of the leaves that way. Leave the ball whole and let the water open it up naturally.

Put the entire ball in your gaiwan. Start by pouring boiling water right on the ball from a little height. Let that sit in the gaiwan for about half a minute. Then pour that out and let the ball sit in there alone for a couple minutes. Then poke the ball with the lid of the gaiwan to loosen it up a bit. Then do another sustained shower under the boiling water with 30 more seconds of steep time. That gets discarded again. Let the ball sit in the gaiwan for a few more minutes and then poke at it with the gaiwan lid again. It should be much softer now. Again pour boiling water slowly and directly onto the tea ball. This is your first official steepSteep for about bout 30s. Drink that steep and it's quite nice. By that point the ball is almost entirely opened and can be brewed like normal.


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