We are back in Yunnan! June 15 2024

It has been 5 years since we have been back to Yunnan, China. We are very excited to be here. We are going to be here for a month and have a lot planned. You can follow us on Instagram and Youtube.

Orders from our Seattle Inventory are Delayed

While we are here in Yunnan for the next month we have no way of fulfilling orders that come from our Seattle Inventory. We will be able to ship those orders out after we get back the second week in July. You are welcome to order from the Seattle Inventory but please remember that we cannot ship those items out until after July 7th.

Videos from our trip!

Holiday Shipping Update December 19 2023

There is still a chance to get your tea order to you before Christmas. Choose USPS Priority at checkout and for destinations in the Continental U.S. delivery times are pretty quick.

Order from our Seattle inventory and we will get your order packed and to USPS as quick as we can!

 Consider these two tasty options!


This custom blended shou puerh tea is very creamy with clean earthy soil notes. There are some marzipan and sticky rice notes. This is just a super mellow, easy drinking, extra creamy, smooth drinking shou.

Check it out here!

"Space Girls"

This sheng puerh tea set contains 4x 50g cakes hand wrapped in a traditional bamboo tong.

This is sure to be a hit with any tea lover in your life. 

Check it out here!


We brew tea live for Studio 13 on Q13 Fox in Seattle! April 13 2023

It was our pleasure brewing tea for Carly and Mireya on the Studio 13 Live show for Q13 Fox in Seattle. We had about 6 minutes to try a sheng, shou, and a black tea. These are complex teas and we did our best! We brewed the following teas:

Fall is the perfect time for tea! October 01 2022

The weather in Fall is the perfect time to go outside and brew some tea. Whether you prefer a delicious sheng or a dark brewing shou puerh we've got some exciting new options for you!

New Shou Puerh

Night Shift

There is a magic in the cup that is hard to describe. The impenetrable black liquid releases a dancing white cloud. The obsidian darkness of night is what you'll find in a cup of this tea. Explore the mysteries of Tezcatlipoca as you steep.

Imperial Grade

Bud heavy shou puerh from Bulang brews dark and luscious from the first steep. This pure Imperial Grade material is pressed into a 250g and is a real treat!

Capitalist Lion Tamer

Very interesting purple bud shou puerh with a more than a decade of age on it. It brews light and red with sweet soil and forest moss notes

Black Gold Rum Barrel

Incredible tea aged in a rum barrel for two years. This is an aromatic delight with aromas ranging from banana bread to tiramisu. 

New Sheng Puerh

2005 Chunk-o-melon

These giant melons of sheng puerh were pressed in 2005 and stored in Puer City for 17 years. This tea tastes like the love child between "Top of the Clouds" and "Troublemaker". 


2022 Yiwu Guoyoulin

This is a very clean and fresh Yiwu experience. The body is silky and smooth. It is juicy with a consistent floral aroma and immediate mouth sweetness. The flavors are layered and worth exploring. 

2001 Yiwu Da Shu Tuo Cha

 From Wangong Village in Yiwu this tea is a special treat. There is a very mellow and centering energy. This tea is not aggressive at all and really showcases the delicate beauty of aged Yiwu material. The huigan (returning sweetness) builds in the throat from the first sip. 

2022 Honeybomb 

Honeybomb is a fantastic blend of the best that Jingmai has to offer. We've got old tree, big tree, young tree, and huang pian material perfectly blended to maximize the Jingmai honey experience.

China Post closed for Chinese New Year January 26 2022

It is the Chinese New Year and that means that China Post has gone on vacation until the first week in February. We will continue to take orders and they will be picked up by China Post as soon as they get back to work after the Chinese holiday.

Orders from our Seattle Inventory ship and arrive much quicker:

Updated shipping rates from China April 29 2020

The latest shipping updates are here:

It's gotten expensive to ship from China

China Post has updated their ePacket shipping rates. To some countries, including the US, shipping rates have almost doubled. It is in response to limited flights between China and the US during this pandemic. We apologize, but we are no longer able to offer free shipping from China.

We have updated our site to calculate shipping rates by weight. If you are in the US we are now also offering China Post Surface, SAL, and Air. You can see the rates available at checkout. 

We have tested out our new shipping configuration but there may still be some issues. If you have any issues while checking out or while choosing shipping options please let us know as soon as you can!

We have made changes in our product pricing structure in certain places to help make this transition easier. We are still offering discounts if you are in financial need. 

How our products are organized

The majority of our products are stored in our fulfillment center in Kunming, Yunnan. We have a limited inventory in Seattle. The items in Seattle have "Seattle Inventory" in their title. If you add items from both our Kunming inventory and our Seattle inventory into your cart at the same it will automatically combine the shipping charges at the cheapest possible rate. For China this means Surface which can take more than 3 months!

If you want control over your shipping options please add only items from one inventory or the other into your cart. If you need to check out multiple times it will help save you the confusion.

We apologize that this will be an added expense for many of you. We appreciate your patience and understanding! Stay safe and stay awesome. We love you all!

China Post Shipping Delays January 24 2020

During the Chinese New Year there are additional shipping delays from China. If you make an order now it will ship once China Post resumes shipping. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Order early for the Holidays! China Post is slammed this time of year. November 12 2019

Every year we see the same thing. Starting in November we see a lot of delayed packages coming out of China. China Post works hard this time of year but understandably there will be delays. If you absolutely have to get something in your stocking by Christmas it is important to order early and give at least 3 weeks for arrival. Non US based destinations should give at least an extra week.

We wish you the best for the Holidays!

-- glen & lamu

We are in Yunnan, China for 3 months! April 27 2019

All orders will ship from China while we are here. Items from our Seattle inventory are unable to ship during this time. Check out more info here: 


2018 Puerh Tea Collection September 08 2018

We've had a very productive year in China. We were incredibly busy for three months and have a lot to show for it! If you missed out on seeing our travel videos you can still watch them here: We take you behind the scenes and show you some really amazing tea gardens! 

We have single origin teas, customs blends, loose leaf material, and 5 teas featuring custom artwork from Stephanie Osborne, Jones Pitsker, Stasia Burrington, Bev Byrnes, and Tashi.

Our New Puerh Teas

Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Jade Rabbit

A fantastic sheng puerh tea blend with aged and new material. Each cake is blended by hand to ensure the perfect ratio. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Cloudy Days

Easy going, budget friendly, shou puerh tea. Nutty with strong mineral notes and a sweet aftertaste.  Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Forgotten Nebula

Custom blended sheng puerh tea cake with gorgeous artwork by Jones Pitsker. Smooth and easy drinking with good bitter and sweet balance. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Lao Cha Tou

These chunky nuggets of shou puerh are a byproduct of the wodui process. They brew long and provide a great mellow session. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Road Trip

Winner of Best Soundtrack at this year's Pucademy Awards. This full leaf shou puerh blend brews thick, smooth, and creamy. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


Gorgeous art from Stasia Burrington perfectly complements this beautiful blend. This is a floral and sweet sheng puerh that provides a distinct creative energy.  Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


Beautiful artwork by Stephanie Osborne on this high end blended sheng puerh cake featuring Manzhuan old tree material. This cake is fantastic! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


This custom sheng puerh tea blend is both deep and introspective; a feast for the sense. Sweet and savory that develops into fruitiness. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Stone Lion

Lao Man'E huang pian sheng puerh material. This brick is intense! Straightforward bitterness out of the gate, but a deep sweetness to follow. Artwork by Tashi! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


A longtime project come to fruition! This sheng puer tea comes from a newly rediscovered, unmanaged, old growth tea garden lost to time in Yunnan. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Slumbering Dragon

This is the beast, who once slumbered but is now awake. This is a special blend of wild tree material from high in the Kunlu Mountains. It is an experience! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Special Sauce

This is a limited edition special blend of high quality sheng puerh material from Jingmai. It is fabulous! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


This is a limited edition, single origin, sheng puerh tea harvested from just a select few trees in Jinggu. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


Limited edition sheng puerh tea from Kunlu Shan. The material in this cake is pure small arbor tree material. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


This is about as good as it gets for high quality, single garden, Manzhaun. This tea sets a new standard for exceptional experience. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Loose Leaf Maocha

This special material is uncompressed and presented as loose leaf maocha. Sold in custom boxes with 100 grams of tea. Available Now!


Watch Videos from our Yunnan 2018 Tour May 21 2018

Join us as we explore Yunnan, China in search of amazing puerh tea. We will be posting video each week from new and exciting places. You can also tune in daily on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Check out last years videos here:










"The Tea Library part III" Gallery Show in December at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle November 30 2016


Opening December 1st, 2016 and running through January 21st, 2017 Seattle's ArtXchange Gallery in Pioneer Square will be displaying selected teaware we have created. This is an exciting show that will feature a range of modern and traditional tea wares.

Beginning in 2015 we expanded our offerings to include custom made tea tables and tea knives made by hand. Our tea tables are sourced from trees grown local to the Pacific Northwest. Our tea knives are hand forged from damascus steel. We intend our work to be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. As a company we are fundamentally interested not just in sourcing and selling tea and teawares but in the act of creation itself. We want to give back to the tea community by providing unique items we have designed and crafted ourselves.

We are excited to be a part of this ArtXchange Gallery show. If you are in the Seattle area please stop by the gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square district and check out all the work they have on display. 

Additionally there will be 2 special events open to the public:


Photos from the show