China Post ePacket delays during the Chinese New Year February 15 2018

During the Chinese New Year China Post takes a short vacation. Deliveries from China will be delayed starting February 15th. We will continue to accept orders and they will be fulfilled and shipped after February 22nd.

Orders that ship from our inventory in Seattle will not be delayed.

If you purchase items from both our Seattle stock and the China stock the Seattle stock will ship immediately and the Chinese stock will be delayed.

All new tea and teaware is available now! September 18 2017

We've been busy this year during our 3 months in Yunnan, China. We filmed a lot of video while we were there showing the ins and outs of the tea trade. The videos are all here if you haven't had a chance to check them out yet. 

We have curated a fine collection of tea and teaware for you. We have new custom made Jianshui wood fired teapots, gorgeous Jianzhan tea cups, amazing silver teapots and kettles, and new pottery from Huaning!

New Teaware

Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Jianshui Zitao Pottery

We have custom teapots, specialty loose leaf tea holders, and high polished white Jianshui teapots. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Handmade Silver Teaware

Handmade, pure silver teapots, cha hai, tea cups, and kettles.  Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Handmade Jianzhan Teaware

With a thousand years of history Jianzhan tea cups add beauty to your gongfu experience. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Huaning Pottery

Huaning pottery from Yunnan has hundreds of years of unique history. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Tea Pets

Everyone needs a cute tea pet companion; or three. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Wood Fired Jianshui Teapots

Smoke and inconsistent heat of wood fired kilns create unique colors and patterns. Available Now!



New Teas

We are excited about our new selection of sheng and shou puerh tea. We have some old favorites and some that are sure to be new favorites.

Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Whispering Sunshine"

Single varietal, high altitude, Baiying Shan big tree puerh. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Midas Touch"

Jingmai big tree material. Both gentle and strong with classic Jingmai honey aromas. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Slumbering Dragon"

This is a rare unblended, single origin, high altitude, wild tree puerh. The flavor is strong, pure, natural, and quite bitter, but with a transcendent chaqi. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Jinggu Bàng"

Pure Jinggu Shan material cake featuring artwork by Chinese artist Du Xi. Thick body with deep aroma. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

Fall 2016 "Moon Princess"

Phenomenal autumn material from Bangdong Shan. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Special Sauce"

Custom blended, limited edition, Jingmai old tree sheng puerh. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Storm Breaker"

Small batch, high quality, old tree shou puerh. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2010 "Black Gold"

Old tree shou puerh made from the same trees as "Midas Touch". Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2014 "Iron Forge"

The "Iron Forge" is back. This amazing shou needs no introduction! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2014 Huang Pian MEGA Brick

Winter is coming! You'll need a lot of tea. This is 1kg brick should do! Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2016 "Simple Shou"

Simple, clean, and tasty every day drinking shou puerh tea. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 "Simple Sheng"

Simple, aromatic, and long brewing every day sheng puerh tea. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

"Planet Bangdong"

Delicious Spring Bangdong material. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

"Planet Kunlu"

Simple and sweet material from Kunlu Shan. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

"Planet Jinggu"

Jinggu Shan big leaf tea ball. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

"Planet Jingmai"

Classic Jingmai aroma and flavor. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh


If you know, you know. Available Now!


Crimson Lotus Tea Puerh

2017 Nannuo Mini Mushrooms

Small but packed with flavor and aroma. Available Now!


Follow our adventures in Yunnan, China for 3 months! June 03 2017

We are in Yunnan, China now. We will be living and working here until September. We had some delays getting to China this Spring, but are excited to be here now. Follow our adventures on Instagram! If you need help sourcing something special while we're here please let us know!

Your orders will continue to ship from both our Seattle storage and our Kunming inventory.

 We will also be filming short educational videos while we're here and posting them once a week. 

"The Tea Library part III" Gallery Show in December at ArtXchange Gallery in Seattle November 30 2016


Opening December 1st, 2016 and running through January 21st, 2017 Seattle's ArtXchange Gallery in Pioneer Square will be displaying selected teaware we have created. This is an exciting show that will feature a range of modern and traditional tea wares.

Beginning in 2015 we expanded our offerings to include custom made tea tables and tea knives made by hand. Our tea tables are sourced from trees grown local to the Pacific Northwest. Our tea knives are hand forged from damascus steel. We intend our work to be both functional and aesthetically beautiful. As a company we are fundamentally interested not just in sourcing and selling tea and teawares but in the act of creation itself. We want to give back to the tea community by providing unique items we have designed and crafted ourselves.

We are excited to be a part of this ArtXchange Gallery show. If you are in the Seattle area please stop by the gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square district and check out all the work they have on display. 

Additionally there will be 2 special events open to the public:


Photos from the show

Visit us this weekend in Seattle at the Northwest Tea Festival Oct 1-2 2016 September 29 2016

All this weekend we will be serving tea and chatting about our adventures in China. Stop by the Seattle center and visit us at booth 6 for the Northwest Tea Festival.


Our 2016 Spring Puerh Tea is Available for Sale July 02 2016

We've been working hard to get our Spring 2016 Puerh Tea ready for sale. As each are pressed, and wrapped we evaluate them to determine when we feel they are ready to drink. We add them to the store as soon as possible.

Our 2016 Collection:

    • "Hidden Song"

      • Our essence of Baiying Shan blend and our most popular tea of 2015. Available Now!
    • "Whispering Sunshine"

      • Single varietal, high altitude, Baiying Shan big tree puerh. Available Now!
    • "Jingmai LOVE"

      • Our affordable Jingmai blend. A fantastic tea for the price! If you love Jingmai, you'll love "Jingmai LOVE"! Available Now!
    • "Midas Touch"

      • Jingmai big tree material. Both gentle and strong with classic Jingmai honey aromas. Available Now!
    • "Slumbering Dragon"

      • This is a rare unblended, single origin, high altitude, wild tree puerh. The flavor is strong, pure, natural, and quite bitter, but with a transcendent chaqi. Available Now!
    • "Beneath an Emerald Sea"

      • A fantastic new blend for 2016 that is getting great feedback from those who have tried it already. Available Now!
  • "Cats and Dogs"; a Cooperative Sheng Puerh Tea with white2tea

    • A special blend designed to be paired with "Dogs" from white2tea. Available Now!

Get An Early Taste of Our 2016 Puerh Teas June 05 2016

We know you are as eager to explore our new teas as we are to have them in your hands and cups. We are still in the process of pressing and wrapping our teas this year and they are not available yet. We are however offering a special opportunity for the first time this year. We have had a small number Jianshui clay storage jars custom made and are selling them with our new teas stored inside loose and uncompressed. 

We have just 3 jars available per tea. The rest of the material is getting pressed into cakes. Each jar holds 150g of loose leaf maocha. 

Check out the entire 2016 "Early Look" Puerh Tea Jianshui Storage Jar Limited Edition Collection here.

Updates from China 2016 February 08 2016

We are in China for the next 4 months. We return to Seattle in June. We are excited to be back for the 2016 Spring harvest. We have a lot of good plans for this year and are eager to share them with you. We’ll keep this page updated with the latest information on where we are and what we’re doing. 

We're down in Xishuangbanna

We're out at the tea mountains in southern Yunnan for the rest of April. We'll be unable to fulfill shipping of products we have stored in China until then. This is indicated by items that have 'FREE SHIPPING'. You can still place an order now and it will be shipped when we return to Kunming. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please follow us on social media to see where we are and what we're up to. 

New Products!

We have started added new products to our inventory. These are unique items we've found during our travels in Yunnan. We hope you enjoy them! Check out our new products here!

Shipping from China Currently Available

Chinese New Year is over and all shipping services from China have resumed.

Orders from our US inventory

If you order from our online store these orders will be fulfilled from our stock of product in the US.

Samples are currently unavailable

We generally pack samples each week to keep them fresh. When we are away from the US we can’t do that. We apologize for the inconvenience. When we find new teas here in China we’ll try to get samples made available. The exception is our "What is Puerh? Three Tea Educational Tasting Set".

Getting a hold of us

China has irregular and limited internet. Many of the places we’ll be in Yunnan are quite remote and getting a reliable connection is often not possible. If you need to get a hold of us email is the best way: . We will reply as soon as possible.

Follow us on social media

We are very active on social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We post often and give a glimpse into the life of rural China.

USPS Shipping Rate Increase – January 17, 2016 January 18 2016

As of January 17, 2016, USPS shipping rates have increased an average of 9.5%. This affects all packages we ship. Our shipping rates have been increased to match. There are more details here on the USPS website:


Get your 'Tea Passport' and get Tea Drunk in Seattle September 01 2015

We are participating in the "Tea Drunk in Seattle" Tea Passport event. This is a month long event (September 1st – October 5th, 2015) that coincides with the NorthWest Tea Festival. This is going to be a lot of fun. Stop by our place for a tea tasting this month. We'll give you your 'tea passport' and stamp it with our lotus logo. Then participate in other tea tasting events around Seattle this month and also at the NW Tea Festival. Get your tea passport stamped. The more stamps the greater your chances of winning prizes in the final drawing on November 1st. 

A list of rules and participating vendors is here on the Tea Drunk in Seattle website:

We are available for tea tastings most mornings and evenings. Email us to schedule a time. Stop by, have some tea, stamp your passport, and win some prizes. 

Our Spring 2015 Puerh Tea is Available for Sale May 06 2015

We're happy to announce our Spring 2015 puerh tea collection. This is what we've been working on for the past couple months. Putting all these together has taken us a lot of work and a lot of time. Puerh is all about time though. Puerh is a product that has no shelf life. It can be with you as long as you want it to be. It will be yours until you drink it, sell it, or share it with others. That could be 5 months, 5 years, or 5 decades from now. Puerh tea takes time. Why rush a quality product that can be with you for years?

After nearly a month of storage we've been sampling the cakes and feel they're ready to be sold. We have 5 new cakes of sheng puerh to offer. We have two cakes from Bai Ying Shan, one cake from Kunlu Shan, and two cakes from Jingmai. Each are entirely hand picked and processed in small batches from high altitude, ancient tea trees. They are wood fired, hand rolled, and sun dried. With the exception of the Jingmai "Special Sauce" they were sourced direct from the farmers.

Bai Ying Shan "Hidden Song"

Bai Ying Shan, or White Warbler Mountain, is a remote high altitude tea growing region in Lincang Prefecture. This mountain has more than 10 unique varietals of camellia sinensis. This puerh is a special blend we perfected while we were living with the farmers this year. We blended from a few different varietals with the goal of maximizing flavor, aroma, aftertaste, and energy. We worked with them ourselves to pick and process this puerh.

We chose to call this puerh "Hidden Song". The mountain is named for the white warbler songbird common to the area. The bird is often heard, but rarely seen. This hidden song was the inspiration for the name of this puerh.

This puerh is sweet and vegetal with an aroma of edamame.

200g cakes are available here.



Bai Ying Shan "Whispering Sunshine"

The material in this tea is composed entirely from one ancient tree varietal called 'dabaiyakou' which means 'big white buds'.

We chose to call this puerh "Whispering Sunshine". The tea gardens in Bai Ying Shan are the highest elevation that we source tea from. Grown above 2200m (7200 feet or 1.3 miles) we imagined these tea trees were close enough to hear the gentle voice of the Sun. The Sun plays a critical role through the entire lifespan of puerh tea from growing the trees to drying the leaf. Puerh is defined by the sun drying stage. If it isn't sun dried, it isn't puerh. This puerh has been direct sun dried for 2 days.

This puerh is similar in profile to "Hidden Song" with more body. It is sweet and vegetal with a note of lemongrass and a hint of tobacco. The aroma is more floral and the energy is strong. The bitterness and astringency are just enough to keep you interested. Listen close and hear the Sun whispering to you through this tea. There is a lot to tell.
200g cakes are available here.


Kunlu Shan "Slumbering Dragon"

This is a rare puerh. Of all the tea we sell this is the hardest to source and the hardest to pick. There is a village in Kunlu Shan that isn't even on Google maps. Once you're there you need to hike another 3 kilometers into the mountains to get to these trees.

The trees at 20-40 feet tall literally scrape the ceiling of the forest. Impressive does not begin to describe these ancient beings. We named this puerh "Slumbering Dragon" because of the visual image of these ancient trees growing so peacefully in the mountains. They seem to us like dragons of a previous era in a deep slumber for eons. The strong energy in this tea mirrors the strength of dragons in our active imaginations.

We present this tea as is. This is unblended, single origin, high altitude, wild tree puerh. It will not taste like a lot of the puerh out there. It is strong and intense with a very pronounced bitterness that can linger. The intensity of bitterness will fade with age. Our 2014 has mellowed quite nicely. The energy in this tea is quite strong, it will sneak up on you. We hope you get a chance to try this amazing and unique tea.
200g cakes of this amazing puerh are available here.


Jingmai "Midas Touch"

This year we had the pleasure of meeting a tea farmer in Jingmai called "The Bulang Prince". He's quite a unique character. He is young and highly educated for a tea farmer. He is passionately dedicated to perfecting his craft and has spent time traveling and learning from other tea farmers in Yunnan. He is a rare breed. He worked with roasting masters in Bingdao to polish his skills.

His 'royal' hands were responsible for roasting this tea. The material is good to begin with, but in his hands we felt it became something extra special. We decided to call this one "Midas Touch" because we feel he has the skill to turn his leaf into gold.

This tea is strong despite the young age. It has the beginnings of the honey aroma Jingmai is known for. This tea brews both gentle and strong at the same time. It can surprise you. Stick this on a shelf for 10 years and you will have a truly amazing tea!
200g cakes are available here.


Jingmai "Special Sauce" *limited edition*

While in Kunming this year we had access to some very high quality, amazing maocha from Jingmai. We took what we had and experimented with blending it. The source material is largely from 2014, but also some as old as 2009. The material contains some very old trees and while largely Spring has some Autumn as well.

Our final blend came out much better than we could have hoped. This is a fantastic tea that is ready to be drank now. It simply drips with honey sweetness. The flavor is thick in the mouth and the aftertaste long lasting.

This tea is in very limited supply. We pressed less than 2kg of this tea. We are only making five 200g cakes available for sale at this time. One sold before we left China, so there are only 4 left.
200g cakes of this limited edition puerh available here.


Browse our full collection here: 2015 Spring Collection


Our 2015 Jianshui clay teapot collection is available for sale! April 15 2015

We're excited to finally be able to show off what we've been working on. When we came to China two months ago we went to Jianshui the first week we were here. Jianshui is a town about 4 hours drive from Kunming. They make incredible pottery by hand using clay sourced in the mountains outside the town. Read about our visit there in 2014. Our goal was to find a local artist who could create custom pottery to fit our desires.

We like Jianshui pottery and brew with them nearly every day. The clay used in these teapots comes from the same mountains that grow puerh tea trees. We appreciate that connection. Jianshui clay is a true clay and there is no sand content. Because of this the exterior can be polished to a high shine. The local artists also pride themselves on their skill with inlaying clay.

This is an example of Jianshui inlaid clay artistry. Each color is individually blended and inlaid by hand before firing.
This has not been painted or glazed.

As awesome as Jianshui teapots are to brew with, they can often be pricy because of the extra time and work put into their inlaid clay designs and polishing them to a high shine. The extra work takes many hours and adds to the cost. We believe the quality of the clay speaks for itself and had these custom teapots made to exhibit Jianshui clay at an affordable price. 

The teapots in our collection are special. You won't find them like this anywhere else. Not for this price, and not with this quality. This is a limited edition collection we commissioned in Jianshui this year to our exact specifications. These are simple, efficient teapots made to be tea brewing workhorses. They are smaller in size and feature sleek matte textures or light polishing. They have not been highly polished and do not feature any inlaid clay patterns. They are meant to brew tea, and brew tea for many years. The matte ones, like Yixing teapots, will create their own unique patina over time with use.

The artists that we work with are master potters and have a combined experience of over 30 years working clay. Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each teapot. Each teapot was hand tested by us before sale. The lids fit tightly, they seal well, and they pour fast and easy. They are ready to go!

Browse our full collection here: Jianshui 2015 Collection

Each teapot ships with a wooden storage box and a silk bag.

Each teapot has the artist mark as well as our own. 红莲 is 'Crimson Lotus'.


All images © Crimson Lotus Tea 2015