2012 Bulang Gushu "Ancient Tree" Shou / Ripe Puerh (250 grams)

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This rare puerh is made from trees over 200 years old picked in the Spring of 2012 from high altitude tea gardens in the Bulang Mountains of Yunnan, China.
True ‘gushu’ 古树 (ancient tree) material is rarely made into shou puerh. It takes dedication and determination to risk valuable leaves on the uncertain shou puerh process. Great skill has crafted this tea. Read more about gushu here.
This tea is a feast for the senses. The rich aroma and thick mouthfeel presents a smooth, layered, multi-dimensional experience with sweet flavors of chocolate and molasses with a hint of nutmeg spice.
We buy this product in large 2 kilogram bricks the size of a loaf of bread. We break the brick apart and keep the chunks as whole as possible. We put 250grams in large resealable heat sealed pouches.
Use 5-10 grams of leaves and brew with 2-5 ounces of water at or near boiling. Wash twice for 3s each, then start with a quick steep of 8-10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.


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