2017 Spring Lao Ban Zhang Single Tree Gushu Sample 8 grams :: FREE SHIPPING

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We are very excited to offer this tea this year. In the Chinese puerh tea drinking community sheng puerh from Lao Ban Zhang (老班章) is considered the king of puerh. Prices for this tea can reach astronomical levels. This material that we have is a fantastic example of the complexity and beauty that Lao Ban Zhang sheng puerh tea has to offer.

We purchased a single kilo of this rare and amazing tea. We are not going to press this material into cakes. We have divided what we have into single session 8g samples in the hopes that as many people as possible can try this tea. If you want more of this material you can buy multiple samples. 

This tea will brew longer than most with a lasting aftertaste. There is a bitterness that washes away with a deep sweetness. The aroma is floral and intoxicating. The flavor is vegetal and refreshing. This is a tea worth experiencing. Drink it with your whole heart. Share your session with others if you can!

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