Brass Handled Glazed Clay Teapot 200ml

$ 29.99

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 This is a simple and affordable glazed teapot that can be used with any kind of tea. It is glazed inside and is non porous so it won't absorb the tea flavors and aroma. These work excellently as a fairness cup / chahai as well. You could brew your tea in a gaiwan or teapot and use these for serving.

The brass handles and metal lid knob are a very nice touch. The clay is relatively thick and will keep your tea warm for a while. This teapot is best used with large whole leaf teas. It can sometimes be tricky to remove all the small leaf material given the shape of the lid.

These are 200ml and comes in your choice of three vibrant colors. The brass handle ships unassembled to save space. Adding the handle is quite simple.

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