"Jade Rabbit" Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea Blend from Crimson Lotus Tea

$ 12.99

We are very excited to offer this tea! We created this multi year, multi mountain blend in 2017 but were very particular about the ratio used. We wanted to make sure that each cake was blended by hand to ensure the correct experience. Most factories blend in a giant pile on the floor with pitchforks. That is not satisfactory for our needs. You have no guarantee that what ends up in a specific cake is an accurate blend. It could be all one material. We weren't able to press this last year because we couldn't find a factory willing to work with us on this special project.

This year we found a new factory and guided them through the process of hand blending each cake before pressing. It was time consuming, tedious, and demanding work but the result is impressive.

This is a complex tea that creates a story through the many steepings. Explore this tea beyond 15 steeps and you will be rewarded. This tea has energy, depth, body, incredible aroma, a thick sweetness, and a long lingering aftertaste. This is not a blend that we will be able to recreate. What we pressed in this batch is all that we will ever have.

"Jade Rabbit is an awesome tea for those who want a fruity sweet, high energy, and good resteeper of a young puer. I will stick a “highly recommended” sticker on Jade Rabbit"

 Brewing Instructions

Use 5-10 grams of leaves and brew with 75-150ml ( 2.5-5oz ) of water at or near boiling. Rinse once for a few seconds. Start with quick steeps under 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.

follow the jade rabbit

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