Jianshui Metallic "Fatty Branch" Teapot - 320ml

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This teapot has a fantastic texture to it! The micro scratches intended to mimic tree bark combined with the thin metallic glaze applied to the outside makes this a real pleasure to hold. The light hits it just right and it glows. It's a very cool finish!

We nicknamed this one "Fatty Branch" since that is what the handle looks like.

Jianshui teapots are amazing to brew with. We believe the quality of the clay speaks for itself. Our hope is that as many people as possible have the opportunity to purchase these teapots and brew their tea with them.

This was handmade by a group of artists who work together. It has been thinly glazed on the outside only This is a true clay which lacks any sand. The natural minerals in the clay will enhance the flavor of your tea. Jianshui is in Yunnan, and the clay used in this teapot comes from the same mountains that grow puerh tea trees. We appreciate that connection. We blogged about this unique town here.

You are purchasing the teapot that you see. We only have the one for sale. The lid fits and it seals well. It pours fast and easy. This teapot has a 9 hole filter.

The teapot is made by hand.

This is a big teapot! You can brew tea for a lot of people with it. It measures 15.5cm from tip of spout to end of handle and is around 8.5cm tall.

Check out our video series from Jianshui:

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