2022 "Black Gold Rum Barrel" Shou Puerh Tea

$ 39.99

We are sold out of the jars of this material but still have some loose left.

Release Party Live Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_PP4zlBs0s We will updated the product page during the live stream.

This is a very popular offering. We've stuck with our Black Gold shou puerh material from Jingmai for this batch. This is a double batch, but will still go quickly.

This delicious, dark brewing, imperial grade shou puerh tea was allowed to age in a wooden rum barrel that held dark rum. This time we aged it for TWO whole years. This special tea is an aromatic delight with aromas ranging from banana bread to tiramisu. 

These feature custom Jianshui clay storage jars we had made. Each jar holds 60g of loose "Rum Barrel" shou puerh tea. We have 40 jars available.

If you already have a jar or just want the tea we sell it loose as well. You can buy 50g without the jar and we will seal it in a foil bag.

We are limiting purchase to 1 per person. We want everyone to be able to experience this tea.

Storing tea in these jars is advantageous to most other methods. The jars provide a micro climate that is resilient to humidity shifts. You can continue to store tea in these jars for many years. When you drink up all the rum puerh toss in some more leaf.

We packed these jars with shou puerh fresh from the rum barrel and sealed them up tight. They should be super aromatic when they arrive.

The jars are polished black. Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each. Yours will vary slightly from the pictures. They may be a little bit taller or wider than measured. These jars measure on average 8cm total width and around 9cm tall.

This material is not being pressed and will only be sold here. 

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