2022 Puerh Tea Super Sample Pack

$ 99.99 $ 115.90

This is the best that 2022 has to offer in one simple pack. This is a sample of each sheng puerh tea we released in 2022. We have them all bundled up for your convenience at a discounted price!

We have 25 of these for sale.

10 different teas; 200 grams of puerh!

  • 2022 Bulang (20g)
  • 2022 Hekai Old Tree  (20g)
  • 2022 Jingmai Old Tree  (20g)
  • 2022 KXQM - Kunlu Small Arbor Tree  (20g)
  • 2022 Lincang "Section A" Gushu  (20g)
  • 2022 Naka Big Tree  (20g)
  • 2022 Kunlu Shan "Slumbering Dragon"  (20g)
  • 2022 Bai Ying Shan "Whispering Sunshine  (20g)
  • 2022 "Sunlicker"  (20g)
  • 2022 "Honeybomb"  (20g)
This sample pack is already discounted and the "SPRING23" discount code won't apply to it.


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