Elemental Puerh - 2020 Kunlu Wild Sheng Puerh Tea Dragon Balls

$ 24.99

This is a heavy hitting young sheng puerh! This is what we normally press into our "Slumbering Dragon" cakes. This is one of the more interesting sheng puerh material that we source each year. It comes from high growing trees in the mountains above Kunlu Shan. 

This is a very unique and fascinating puerh. The flavor is strong, pure, natural, and noticeably bitter, but with a transcendent chaqi. There is an aroma in the dry leaves that is reminiscent of wild blueberries. Wet aroma is honeysuckle and alfalfa. This is a tea that is hard to define. The aromas are both familiar and mysterious. Everything about this tea is distinct and individual. The profile is at times sharp and distinct. The energy is mentally energizing. It creates a calm, but it is a waking calm.

"Elemental Puerh" is our collection of single origin, direct sourced, hand rolled puerh tea dragon balls. These are high quality examples of individual mountain personality.

Each wrapper is stamped with an infographic containing all the important origin details. You have the year of picking, the season of picking, the mountain name and symbol, the distance from the equator, and special indicators for wild or old tree material.

Each dragon ball is individually steamed and hand rolled. They weigh 8 grams and are perfect for a session in your gongfu2go portable tea brewer or gaiwan / teapot. Each order contains 6x 8g dragon balls.

This material is from Spring of 2020 and was picked from wild tree material growing in Kunlu Shan.

Check out these videos from Kunlu Shan.

Brewing Instructions

Use a single tea ball in a brewing vessel between 100 and 150ml. Use water at or near boiling. Do a long initial rinse between 15 and 30s. Let the tea sit for a few minutes. Start with quick steeps under 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.

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