Jianshui "Crimson Sky" Fairness Cup / Cha Hai 150ml

$ 49.99

Add to your Jianshui collection with this stylish "Crimson Sky" fairness cup. Each features a hand carved Yunnan cloud motif with a crimson glaze background.

This is a true clay which lacks any sand. The natural minerals in the clay will enhance the flavor of your tea. Jianshui is in Yunnan, and the clay used in these fairness cups comes from the same mountains that grow puerh tea trees. We appreciate that connection. We blogged about this unique town here.

Since these are handmade products each are unique. There are slight variations to each. They're approximately 150ml. They pour precise with a good flow. It's probably a good idea to dedicate them to teas with a similar taste and aroma profile.

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