2006 "Kunlu Mountain Tribute Tea" Shou / Ripe Puerh Full Bing (400 grams)

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This is an amazing tea produced with leaves from Kunlu Mountain in the Wuliang mountain range north of NingEr in Yunnan, China. These are high altitude old tea tree forests. The leaves in this tea are from trees 50-80 years old. In the Qing Dynasty puerh tea from Kunlu Mountain was a tribute tea to Beijing.
This puerh brews a dark and deep amber liqour with an intense earthy aroma reminiscent of a campfire with a hint of caramel apple. The flavor is long lasting and comforting with a smooth silkiness. This tea was featured on TeaDB Episode 26.
There is enough leaf in this cake for 80 brewing sessions (at 5grams each). These leaves are generous and you can brew them more than 10 times. Use 5-7 grams of leaves and brew with 6-8 ounces of water at or near boiling. Wash twice for 3s each, then start with a quick steep of 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.
(400 grams full size bing cake) 

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