2014 Gu Ming Xiang "Bulang Gushu 2.0" 1kg Brick of Shou Puerh Tea

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This is 'version 2.0' of the 2012 Bulang Gushu shou puerh we've been selling for a couple years. This was re-blended fall of 2014 by Master Fang of Gu Ming Xiang. He had a large amount of the original blend still in maocha. He took new gushu material from huang pian leaves and processed that as shou puerh in 2014. This was blended into the original material. The new blend was 20% new material and 80% old material. His intention was to attempt to make the brew a little sweeter. He pressed these into 1kg bricks which are much more manageable and cheaper overall. 

This will brew very similar to the original. It continues to be a feast for the senses. The aroma is rich and the mouthfeel is thick. It presents a smooth, layered, multi-dimensional experience with sweet flavors of chocolate, molasses and a hint of nutmeg spice.

Use 5-10 grams of leaves and brew with 2-5 ounces of water at or near boiling. Wash twice for 3s each, then start with a quick steep of 8-10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.

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