2014 Spring Six Mountains Travel Set - Spring Price

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We lowered the price of this in the hopes that everyone can get a chance to try some! 

In the Spring of 2014 my wife and I spent 3 months in Yunnan, China; the home of puerh tea. We walked the Ancient Tea Horse Road, we explored the tea markets, and we visited 6 unique tea mountains. In each of these mountains live traditional minority tea farmers whose families have worked the land cultivating puerh tea for countless generations. These teas are entirely hand picked and hand processed. Each tea reflects both the unique regional terroir, and the individual skill of each farmer who is responsible for turning raw leaf into puerh tea. We created this set so you could experience what we experienced while traveling in this magical land. Drink this tea and join us on our journey!

We made these for the first time at the NorthWest Tea Festival this October. They're now available for sale online. 

Included is 10 grams of raw / sheng puerh from each of the following mountains:

  • Jiangcheng, Longtan Village
  • Jingmai, Lower Mangjing Village
  • Bulang, Xin Man'E Village
  • Yiwu, Yiwu Village
  • Kunlu, Village #10
  • Bai Ying, He Tao Village

Included is a postcard from each mountain with information about each area and the farmers we work with. In this one set you can sample the range of flavors and aromas that Yunnan offers in a single Spring harvest. Each of these samples is available in full size 100g cakes as well:

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