2017 Spring Da Zhai Shan Single Session Experience - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea

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We have a handful of special teas from our personal collection that we are releasing single session samples of for Christmas. This tea is from Da Zhai Shan, in the Jinggu area of Simao. This village has very low production each year. Current production is reservation only and no longer available.

This tea is surprisingly punchy. It has bitterness and astringency to in balance to the depth of character. It is very enjoyable. The leaves are large and full!

Purchase this tea and choose USPS Priority shipping to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas! For destinations outside the US we can't guarantee arrival by Christmas.

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you have a smaller tea brewing vessel.


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