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Deep in Yiwu is the Guoyoulin. The Guoyoulin (国有林 pronounced gwo-yoo-lean) is a state protected forest and nature preserve. Tea farmers used to live there. When the nature preserve was created the Chinese government paid to move the farmers to a new village. The old growth tea trees remained in the forest. As part of the relocation agreement a select few are allowed to return to Guoyoulin to pick twice a year. 

This is a unique tea. We introduced this material as single session experiences last year. We took the extra material we had and pressed 2 cakes this year. That's all, just 2 cakes. This is one of those extra special sheng puerh tea experiences that really stands out.

This tea brews crisp, clean and clear. You can taste the forest. It is a soft and delicate tea with great mouthfeel and tea energy. This is a tea worth experiencing. Drink it with your whole heart.

This is a difficult tea to pick. The nearest town is more than 10km away. The roads are unpaved and only get you so far. There is a river that can only be crossed by foot when it is low. After that you need to hike 2-3km through the jungle just to get to the tea trees. We took video of our journey as we explored this amazing garden.



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