2018 Spring Yiwu Guoyoulin Single Session Experience - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea

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This tea is sold out. We won't be able to get any more of this tea. We hope that you had a chance to try it!

Deep in Yiwu is the Guoyoulin. The Guoyoulin (国有林 pronounced gwo-yoo-lean) is a state protected forest and nature preserve. Tea farmers used to live there. When the nature preserve was created the Chinese government paid to move the farmers to a new village. The old growth tea trees remained in the forest. As part of the relocation agreement a select few are allowed to return to Guoyoulin to pick twice a year. 

This is a unique tea. This material will not be pressed into cakes. We have been looking for extra special puerh that really stands out. This is one of those teas. We have less than 2kg to sell. We have taken what we have and created 8g single session experiences. We want as many people as possible to be able to try this tea.

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you have a smaller tea brewing vessel.

This tea brews crisp, clean and clear. You can taste the forest. It is a soft and delicate tea with great mouthfeel and tea energy. This is a tea worth experiencing. Drink it with your whole heart. Share your session with others if you can!

This is a difficult tea to pick. The nearest town is more than 10km away. The roads are unpaved and only get you so far. There is a river that can only be crossed by foot when it is low. After that you need to hike 2-3km through the jungle just to get to the tea trees. We took video of our journey as we explored this amazing garden.



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