2019 Spring "Low Rider" 200g Cake - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea :: Seattle Inventory

$ 49.99

This is a custom blend of Spring 2019 sheng puerh tea materials. This is a custom blend in our style. Just like custom car culture in America we take classic ideas and add our own creative touches to them. There are familiar aspects to this tea and then ones you won't expect. We've taken the tea then chopped it and dropped it, lowered it and slapped a sick paint job on it. A new classic is born.

This tea has been a long time in the making. Our first year in Kunming we fell in love with a painting in a local tea shop. We spent years tracking down the artist and finally got a hold of him this year. His name is Cong and he is a Kunming local artist who loves puerh tea. His style is very modern and not well received in China. We love what he does and are super happy to have his work on our tea! He isn't on social media and has a limited online presence so we've got nothing to link you to.

This is an easy drinking tea with hay and lemongrass in the aroma. Flavor is smooth, sweet and thick with a pleasant aftertaste. It is crisp, clean, and clear with minimal bitterness and a balanced astringency.

Each cake comes with a special "Low Rider" sticker!

"Low Rider Sheng Puer is an approachable, floral heavy tea with low bitterness and astringency. I would call this an excellent new puer drinker or oolong lover tea."

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