2019 Spring Pasha Shan Single Tree Gushu Single Session Experience - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea :: FREE SHIPPING

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This is a really special and rare tea that we sourced this year. We have less than a kilo to sell. This tea comes from Pasha Shan. Every leaf came from a single tree. This is called "Dan Zhu" in Chinese and is becoming more popular. Traditionally this material would have been harvested with all the old trees in the garden and sold as gushu.

Great care was taken with the picking and processing of this material to ensure a quality experience. We feel that this tree offered a good balance of experience and was representative of Pasha Shan. This is a big tree as you can see in the pictures. We are happy to be able to offer it.

This tea brews noticeably thick and has plenty of aftertaste. It feels good in the throat. The tea is a dense experience with great energy. There is a lot going on. The flavors are vegetal and the aroma orchid. This is a gentler tea experience wise but has some good astringency after a few steeps.

8 grams is enough for one regular sized session or you could split it up into two 4g sessions if you use a smaller tea brewing vessel.

We are making 50g sample boxes available as well. We only have 4 to sell. We have about 40x 8g samples available in total.

Check out this video from Pash Shan.

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