2019 Spring "Space Girls - Cosima" 100g Cake - Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea

$ 5.99 $ 49.98

The Space Girls are back! Our adventures exploring the remote corners of the puerh Yunniverse has introduced us to two new Space Girls; Cosima, and Feist. Each tea is a custom blend we crafted Spring of 2019. Cosima and Feist are unique and separate blends. Each girl has their own unique story and personality. This is Cosima. ( Feist is here!

Cosima starts off on a vegetal approach with an incredibly sweet aftertaste. There is a cooling throat feel and a hint of caramelized sugar in the floral orchid aroma. The tea is thick, juicy, and lush. There is bitterness but it morphs it's way through your palate. It never sits in one place for long and is constantly changing until it becomes sweet. The astringency is balanced with the long sweet aftertaste. This is a very consistent tea through the steeps. Take your time with Cosima and she will reward you with a personalized tour of the Puerh Yunniverse. Don't judge a Space Girl by he spacesuit, Cosima is full of surprises!

How could we pass up the opportunity to work yet again with the talented Seattle artist Stasia Burrington? She did the artwork on the original Space Girls 3 years ago and has done an amazing job yet again! Take the time to explore her amazing artwork: http://www.stasiaburrington.com/ Each wrapper features a full page design.

We have 20g sample sessions available, but at this price just grab a cake! You can save a little money by buying a cake of both girls at the same time. 

Each cake comes with a special Space Girls sticker!

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