2020 "Believe" Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea :: Seattle Inventory

$ 51.99

In a year like this it seems as if anything is possible. You've just gotta believe. Find something you believe in and focus on that.

This is a potent young sheng. It is very aromatic with a crisp IPA style bitterness. The sweetness in the throat lingers for a long time.

The image is called “North America Nebula in Different Lights” and is courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

  • Wood Fired
  • Hand Blended
  • Spring material

Brewing Instructions

Use 5-10 grams of leaves and brew with 75-150ml ( 2.5-5oz ) of water at or near boiling. Rinse once for a few seconds. Start with quick steeps under 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.

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