2021 "Altered State" Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea :: Seattle Inventory

$ 92.99

We are back at it again with this mind-bending tea. If you're familiar with the first Altered State then this tea will need no introduction. If not, just know that this tea is the essence of Cha Qi / Tea Energy. If you have ever been curious about what Cha Qi is then this is the tea for you. If you already know what Cha QI is then this tea is for you.

Just like the original this tea lays down heavy hitting Cha Qi and doesn't let up. This tea is a creative blend of all of the most intense, hardest hitting, mental lobotomizing, consciousness opening, face melting sheng puerh we could find this year. These cakes are hand blended and sure to impress.

The artwork is a custom piece by PNW artist and puerh tea lover M. L. Macdonald @alchemichael . The background image is courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA.

Nailing down an exact flavor and aroma profile has proved elusive. This tea has many faces. It has a base in the fruity / floral sphere but it will surprise you. There are times when this tea gives strong recollections of our coffee days brewing a pour-overs of small batch roasted Colombian Geisha beans. It provides a very delightful session.

This is a 200g cake.

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