2021 "Sunlicker" Sheng / Raw Puerh Tea :: Seattle Inventory

$ 52.99

This is a fantastic blend of 2021 Spring material we worked on for quite a while last year.

This tea is floral and fruity with a dry aroma like a fresh picked bushel of apples. It is very sweet with cotton candy notes. This tea makes your mouth happy. It is juicy and full and bright with a great mouthfeel. 

There is a noticeable bitterness but it is perfectly balanced. This is a very tasty tea with a good pucker in the mouth and plenty of returning sweetness in the throat!

The sun plays such a large role in the production of puerh tea. The high altitude puerh tea gardens in Yunnan that we source from are some of the highest in the world. The altitude averages more than a mile above sea level. Being that close to the sun does something special to the tea as it grows. After picking and firing the teas are set to dry in the direct sun. There is a special essence imparted to puerh tea that is lacking in other teas. The teas are quite literally sun kissed. You taste the sun when you drink young sheng. It's sun lickin' good!

This is a 200g cake.

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