Custom Gongfu Tea Table

$ 39.99

After a long time looking for the perfect tea table we set out to make our own. This is the product of many months of work designing and testing mockups. This gonfu tea table works great! It is made of bamboo and lacquered black. It is wide and roomy with space for teacups, teapot, fairness cup, and even a handful of teapets. The table slopes slightly to allow water to drain easily. The drain line cut into the table slopes to the drain hole. The drain was made large enough to house a tiny frog teapet which comes included! The tiny frog acts as a blocker for larger leaves that might get stuck in the hose.

This tea table measures (9.5" long x 15.75" wide x ~1" tall) (24cm x 40cm x 3.5cm). It weighs under 750grams. A drainage hose is included.

Enjoy the journey of puerh!
With first use there is a slight lacquer aroma that goes away in a day or so.
For proper drainage ensure placement on a level surface or adjust table appropriately.  If the included hose is too short check your local hardware store for a cheap replacement.

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