Elemental Puerh - 2020 Bulang Sheng Puerh Tea Dragon Balls

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This is your classic "Bulang" young sheng puerh! It hits all the points. It's grassy with barnyard overtones and roasted sweet corn aroma. There are hints of smokiness wisping through the lingering edge brought by the bitterness and astringency. This tea has strength and long legs. What it lacks in body it makes up for in energy. Ride the Bulang wave and see where it takes you! 

"Elemental Puerh" is our collection of single origin, direct sourced, hand rolled puerh tea dragon balls. These are high quality examples of individual mountain personality.

Each wrapper is stamped with an infographic containing all the important origin details. You have the year of picking, the season of picking, the mountain name and symbol, the distance from the equator, and special indicators for wild or old tree material.

Each dragon ball is individually steamed and hand rolled. They weigh 8 grams and are perfect for a session in your gongfu2go portable tea brewer or gaiwan / teapot. Each order contains 6x 8g dragon balls.

This material is from Spring of 2020 and was picked from small arbor tree material growing in Bulang.

Brewing Instructions

Use a single tea ball in a brewing vessel between 100 and 150ml. Use water at or near boiling. Do a long initial rinse between 15 and 30s. Let the tea sit for a few minutes. Start with quick steeps under 10s. With each re-steep adjust the steep time to your taste.